high volume machining

We utilize our Fastems Flexible Manufacturing System for the high-volume and high-machine time parts our customers require. Each of our 48 pallets can fixture parts on four sides. We can really reduce costs on your high-volume or very complicated parts. Are you importing from China? Send us your parts and we'll build them domestically!

Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)

Our Flexible Manufacturing System is equipped with 2 Okuma MA-50 Horizontal Machining Centers and a 48-pallet storage and shuttle system. The system gives us the ability to run 24 hours, 7 days a week with night and weekends operator-free.

  • Fastems 48-pallet storage and shuttle system
  • Two load stations capable of running 24/7 "lights-out"
  • Two Okuma MA-50HB horizontal machining centers with:
    • 27" (X) x 31" (Y) x 27" (Z) work envelopes
    • 500mm x 500mm pallet changers with 1-degree indexing
    • 12,000 RPM, 27 HP motors
    • 200-position tool changers each
    • Probing for tool setting and tool breakage detection
high volume machining

Fastems pallet with 12 parts