large Machining

Our Okuma mill is one of only a few in the state of Wisconsin. The large envelope can do five-sided milling on parts up to 149" x 76" x 39" high. Almost no job is too big for this mill.

Gantry Mill – Okuma MCM-B-25E

Our gantry mill allows us to machine more robust products with its large work envelope. With five-sided machining capability and a 50-tool magazine capacity, the gantry mill gives us the ability to better serve industry’s heavier equipment needs.

  • Single-spindle five-sided machining capability with 5-degree indexing
  • 192" (X) x 96" (Y) x 31" (Z) x 39" (W) vertical work envelope
  • 163" (X) x 96" (Y) x 31" (Z) x 39" (W) horizontal work envelope
  • Two 149" x 76" tables with automatic pallet changer
  • 50-position tool changer
  • 30 HP motor
  • Spindle probing for part setup and inspection