Featured Projects

The item shown above is a housing that our customer couldn't find a supplier for because of its complexity and tolerances. Using our Fastems FMS with Okuma machining center, we not only made the part, we were able to reduce the price from $1,200 to under $600.

This item is another very complex part where we utilized our FMS to reduce machining time and cut cost, saving our customer tens of thousands of dollars a year.

These compound bow cams were run on our FMS. The customer couldn't be happier with it, as we worked with them to produce high-quality parts at a low cost that look amazing.

Our Gantry Mill is perfect for large side frames and other large milled parts. We can machine up to five sides without refixturing. We use our custom-made plate flipper to re-position the plate to mill the bottom side.

Got a large part that needs some re-tooling or modification? We recently repaired this large shredder wheel and modified it to accept replaceable cutting inserts. Now our customer won't need to remove the wheel when it gets dull. Just screw in some new inserts and it's ready to cut again.

Here we designed and fabricated a special platform that is mounted over a conveyor to allow operators to cross over the equipment. We can fabricate aluminum, stainless and carbon steel structures.

These carts were designed and built by our fabrication shop. The carts are used to lift 3,000 pound print cylinders in a highly explosive environment that cannot use any electrical devices. The pneumatic lift is mounted to our tube-frame cart. It's another example of how we can help solve your company's challenges.

These ink containment pumps will hold 500 gallons of ink while supporting another 500 gallon drum of ink above. Our certified structural fabricators will build your weldment with the highest quality welds around!

We take on these projects every day. Let us know what you need help with and we can work together to make your business more successful!