QuadMetalworks is dedicated to providing our customers with the service they need. We can help you with your difficult projects, we work closely with engineers, plant managers, maintenance personnel, assemblers and purchasers. Let us help you with your projects.

"We've worked with QuadMetalworks for over 30 years and they have saved our company millions of dollars. Recently, they took our most complicated component and reduced the machining time from 22 hours to 4 hours by utilizing their FMS, resulting in a $1,500 savings per part! We can now get six pieces per day instead of one. They work hand-in-hand with our engineers and have been a tremendous partner for us!"

Karl Fritchen - President, QuadTech

"From my first order six years ago to today, working with QuadMetalworks has been both a pleasure and an improvement to my supply chain. My previous supplier used to make some small machining errors on these parts, nothing detrimental but none the less annoying. Since my switch to QuadMetalworks, these issues are eliminated. I cannot recall a time that my order was late nor a time that parts needed to be returned and/or rejected for errors. On the off-chance that I need an order expedited, QuadMetalworks has been quick to accommodate my request. The sales team at Quad Metalworks is attentive to detail and quick to respond to both quote requests and orders. Quad Metalworks knows how to make a customer feel like they are a priority."

Jeff Losch - Manager of Purchasing, A-C Equipment Services

"Scheffer International has been using QuadMetalworks for approximately five years and due to the quality of their work plus very competitive pricing and on time deliveries, we will stay our course. Ross and team are very conscientious and professional. A real pleasure to work with."

Bud Scheffer - President, Scheffer International

"It has been a pleasure working with your QuadMetalworks team. I feel confident that the fabricated and machined parts from QuadMetalworks have helped our company succeed and grow. We look forward to working with you for many years to come."

Michael J. Gamache' - President, CDLMS, Inc